Stack AI's Enterprise Station

Your On-Premise Solution for Enterprise-ready AI Applications

Introducing Stack AI's Enterprise Station - an all-in-one enterprise solution designed to run large language models (e.g., LLMs) on-premise at your organization. Experience maximum control and security while unlocking the full potential of AI.

Run leading AI models such as LLaMA or Falcon, vector databases, and all functionalities within Stack AI's platform, tailored fully to meet your organization's needs.

Maximum security to run AI
Full control of your AI models
Top results
Fast and reliable deployment


All-in-one enterprise solution designed to run large language (i.e., LLMs) and AI models within your organization

Latest open-source models.
Access open-source models such as Falcon and LLaMA models on-premise for maximum control and security.
Engineered for your workload.
We will design a machine that is perfectly tailored to your needs.
Dedicated server.
Your servers will run in a Tier 3 data center with state-of-the-art cooling that is designed for GPUs. We will manage racking, networking, power, cooling, hardware failures, and physical security.
Service and support by technical experts.
Live technical support from our team of ML engineers. Up to 5 year extended warranty with advanced parts replacement

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  • Latest AI models
  • On-premise deployment
  • Dedicated support from ML engineers
  • Maximum level of security for your data